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Inviting In!

It was so great seeing all of our leaders together this past Sunday. I hope it was as encouraging for you as it was for me. Just a quick recap of the 3 most vital practices we need for this next season.

  1. Inviting the Lost and the Found In
  2. Share Life Around the Table
  3. Facilitate Discipleship Conversations

The more I talked to people, the more I am convinced that their greatest need is to see a living example of the gospel and to experience spiritual family. This only happens as we invite them in. It will not happen by osmosis! This past Sunday we talked about the need for you to have your thirty-second pitch on how to invite people into your community.

I wanted to take a few minutes today and walk through the essential elements needed for this thirty-second pitch to invite people into your spiritual family. First, we must start with prayer. Prayer that God would reveal to us the people we should be investing in and inviting in. We must pray that God would move in their hearts. We must pray!

Second, we need boldness. If we don’t have boldness, we will not invite people in who need a spiritual family. Boldness allows us to truly share about spiritual family centered around Jesus.

Third, we need clarity. Without clarification, people will not see the need for a spiritual family and what to expect when they arrive. To have clarity, we must think through how to describe our spiritual family and we must be specific in what we are inviting people into so they feel comfortable to take that step.

Finally, we should strive to be captivating. The primary way we are captivating is by sharing the stories of what God has done in our spiritual family. How he has brought us together, how he has saved people, how he is changing us, and how we are hoping to see our community change for the better. Being captivating is all about sharing the stories of what God has done!

We can effectively invite the lost and found in by starting with PRAYER, pursuing with BOLDNESS, communicating with CLARITY, and sharing our CAPTIVATING story.

I will end with this….

Who is the person you need to invite in?

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