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Have you ever had that season of a leader where you are just worn out and unsure of what to do? In the past week, I have spoken to many of you who have or are currently experiencing this feeling. To be fully honest, I have had a week like this! Where your tank feels empty, where your work feels fruitless and the funk of loving hard people is all over you.

I spoke with my coach this week about this exact thing and we walked through some steps to seek Christ and walk in joy in the midst of leading and serving others. We walked through three questions to help me:

  1. Who are you ultimately depending on and trusting?

Many times when I am in a leadership funk, I can trace it back to this question. I am looking to myself to accomplish what only God can accomplish. I am trusting in my sovereignty and my wisdom more than I trust in God’s work. This is most evident by the time I spent planning versus praying. If we are planning and strategizing and thinking more than we are praying, it reveals who we are actually trusting.

It is consistent abiding prayer with the Father that my identity is sure my burdens are carried. This is how we walk in power and joy!

  1. What does the win look like?

This often boils down to two thoughts that I wrestle with: Do I want big and fast or do I want small and slow? 9 times out of 10, the way of the kingdom is small and slow and this offends my pride and my lack of patience. People are crockpots, not microwaves!

Our focus must be faithfulness to the small and to finding contentment in the everyday faithfulness of ministry. There is great joy in this posture!

  1. How are you walking in rest and renewal this season?

This was the question my coach asked me that really challenged me. As the ministry changes and expands, our modes or being renewed in Christ must remain essential. Are you experiencing rest and renewal in Christ on a consistent basis? Here is a good way to know if you are doing this well: after a time of rest or renewal, has your capacity to love others grown? For me, my capacity to love others grows in silence and solitude. I must cultivate this practice daily and weekly and yearly in different ways.

Hope this post was helpful!

Praying for you guys!

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Have you ever had that season of a leader where you are just worn out and unsure of what to do? In the past week,

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