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Have you ever had a moment of absolute clarity?

A moment in which you knew EXACTLY what steps you needed to take?

My wife and I had a moment like that in New Orleans, LA., in November of 2014. While driving down Esplanade Ave., we both became overwhelmed and quiet in the car. The call of God was clear and unmistakable; we were to go to New Orleans and give our lives to extending the Kingdom of God there.

Over the last few years that calling has taken shape, and we will be moving this July to begin the work of planting King’s Church in New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans has been called the “greatest and worst city” at the same time and in the same place. The incredible food, interesting culture, and storied architecture is rivaled by the highest per capita murder rate in America, vast corruption and brokenness, and 4 out of 10 children living in poverty.

On an average Sunday morning, only about 11% of the region attends a Bible-believing church. The city is a mixture of spiritual affiliations, worldviews, and practices. Over the last several decades New Orleans has been referred to as a “Church Planters Graveyard”.

We can see the difficulties and become paralyzed by the task at hand. Or, through faith, we can see the city and be overwhelmed with the almost unlimited opportunities for the gospel we hold so dear to transform people’s hearts and lives. We are moving to New Orleans to advance the Kingdom of God in real and tangible ways among its people. I believe God is going to move, I believe Jesus will be glorified, I believe the Kingdom of God will advance.

Here are some current needs on our journey:

  1. Prayer – We need people to commit praying for us. The journey is difficult and long, and we need to remain spiritually healthy and for God to open doors in the city.
  2. Finances – The reality is that ministry costs money. We are particularly in need of monthly financial partners to help us subsidize reaching the city with the gospel.

We are excited about the future and thankful for everyone partnering with us to see New Orleans reached with the good news of Jesus!

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