Several times a year, the Covenant Church offers training seminars called “Rhythm” events. These focus on pivotal areas of our daily “rhythms” , such as family, finances and service, and provide guidance and insight into how to get these areas in sync with God’s vision.

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The Family Rhythm is an annual event that focuses on God’s vision for the structure and legacy of families. During this seminar, we discuss the impact of the Gospel on raising kids, and we learn how to shape a family on mission. The event features practical breakout sessions and teaching segments that focus not only on the philosophy of these concepts, but how they play out in our everyday lives.

Topics Include
  • How your marriage impacts your children’s perspective on the Gospel
  • How to be the primary faith-trainer in your child’s life
  • How to talk with your children about salvation
  • How to discipline your children with the Gospel



In the chaos of work, parenting, serving, and all the things in-between, we need an opportunity to set aside some time to reconnect with our spouse and renew our passion for God’s plan for marriage. We invite you to join us for our annual marriage retreat – it will be a wonderful chance to invest in your partner and rejuvenate your relationship.

Topics Include
  • How to love and pursue your spouse
  • The husband’s role in marriage
  • The wife’s role in marriage
  • Living On Mission Together


The Finance Rhythm is an annual event that offers the opportunity to look closely at God’s word to determine His heart and commands concerning the stewardship of the resources He has provided. A combination of spiritual and practical information is shared during this seminar, including helpful teaching from the Old Testament and the New Testament, alongside practical advice to help align our hearts with God’s heart on the tough topic of finances.

Topics Include
  • Old and New Testament teaching on the topic of finances
  • The practice of sacrificial giving
  • Family budgets
  • Money saving tips
  • Planning for the future
  • Leaving an inheritance for your family