In Lent 2020

Week Two: Fasting from Television and Movies

March 2th – March 8th

Lent continues as we move forward with a new focus; the subject of this week’s fast is television and movies. Pope Francis said, “Lent comes providentially to reawaken us and to shake us from our lethargy.” Most of us have no idea how much time we actually spend “zoning out” instead of engaging with God and our families – this is a perfect chance to reconnect and form better rhythms in this area.

Last week we said that if you avoid food without prayer, you’re just on a diet. The same principle applies to fasting from entertainment – replace that lost time with time in the Word and focused prayer!

Know in advance what you want to pray for, and begin and end your day by drawing close to God through prayer and time in scripture.

Remember, fasting from anything is a discipline, and it takes practice! It might be frustrating at first, but you will grow in your ability to glean great fruit from it. Also, I encourage you as a family to find a rhythm that works well for your family – read as a family when the TV would normally be on, try to do a craft during your family devotion time, or go on a prayer walk around your neighborhood.  Don’t just remove the lesser things from your week, fill it intentionally with greater things.


Devotional Thought:  Read 1st John 2 every day this week.  Use these questions to help process what God is saying:


  1. What do these passages of Scripture reveal about the nature and character of Christ?


  1. What do these passages reveal about your own heart?
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