In Lent 2020

Week 3:  Social Networking and Internet

March 9th – March 15th


This week’s focus is social networking and non-essential internet usage. Here are a few thoughts from Kevin DeYoung on why a social media fast will be beneficial:

“Social media drives us–relentlessly, punishingly, inexorably–to the now. It gives us the illusion of being up to date, current, relevant. And it shames us when we don’t know the newest meme and this week’s viral video. The medium does not encourage slow reflection or push us to the wisdom of the past. We need to fast from the information feast, lest we gorge ourselves on trivialities.

It’s good to remember that the world goes on fine without us. Sure, we have people out there that genuinely care for us and (hopefully) benefit from our social media output. But sometimes we act like caged hamsters running in the social media wheel, just hoping we provide enough content and witticism to keep the world going. We’re not that important.

Social media takes time. Taking a break gives you more time to do something you’re not currently doing, like reading a book, running a 5k, paying attention at the dinner table, saying your prayers, engaging your friends and kids without multitasking.”


Let your extra time this week be given over to greater things! Try memorizing a verse as a family – here is one you might try:

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

Psalms 20:7


Devotional Thought:  Read 1st John 3 every day this week.  Use these questions to help process what God is saying:


  1. What do these passages of Scripture reveal about the nature and character of Christ?
  2. What do these passages reveal about your own heart?
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