In Lent 2020

Week 7: Fasting from Sleep

April 6th – April 12th

Week 7 involves a fast from sleep. You are neither expected nor encouraged to abstain from sleep for the entire week! However, the hope is that we might set our alarms an hour or two earlier, or stay up an hour or two later, and devote more time to prayer and hearing from God.

Clearly we can best develop a listening ear and willing heart in times of silence. This extra hour in the morning or the evening will help you listen, and might be a sort of daily Sabbath that you might find you even want to continue after Lent.  “Sabbath is a token of eternity, an outpost of heaven. It is time uniquely poised for God’s presence.”

God speaks continually, but we often fail to listen. We fail to take the time and often miss the chance to enter His presence and ask for what we need, for His words that transform and heal and bless us. Mark Buchanan explains,  “Here’s the paradox: If we don’t listen, we never enter his rest. Yet if we don’t enter his rest, we never listen.” I invite you to make more time this week to enter into times of deep listening.  For a few more moments than normal, leave behind the noisy clamor of everyday life, and stop to listen.

This is the last week of Lent.  In just a few days we will celebrate Easter.  Consider making a list as you listen to God this week of all the things he has shown you over the past several weeks of Lent.

Devotional Thought:  Read 3rd John every day this week.  Use these questions to help process what God is saying:

  1. What do these passages of Scripture reveal about the nature and character of Christ?
  2. What do these passages reveal about your own heart?
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