In Lent 2020

Week 5: Fasting from Podcasts and Music

March 23rd – March 29th

The high goal of Lent is to align our hearts to God’s with a laser-like focus. This is not an easy task in a world where “being on” is the commonplace expectation – most of us have little to no margin in our schedules.  If God is going to speak to us, he had better do it in the 10-minute slot we have scheduled.

Let me encourage you to practice a deeper listening by fasting from podcasts and music during this week’s observation of Lent.

Most of our lives, by necessity as much as by choice, are lived amid a clatter of noise.  Certainly, our lives are busy. But this can be a time in which we stop… slow down. We play, we rest, we dream, we wonder. As Mark Buchanan says, “We cease from that which is necessary and turn to that which gives life.” And in the hush that descends, we listen.

During your commute, talk about the attributes of God that you find especially comforting during this time.  Another option is to ride in silence, listening to God speak – or maybe listen to Scripture being read through your Bible app.

Devotional Thought:  Read 1st John 5 every day this week.  Use these questions to help process what God is saying:

  1. What do these passages of Scripture reveal about the nature and character of Christ?
  2. What do these passages reveal about your own heart?
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