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With summer break coming to an end and school starting back,
our family rhythms will be changing. We hope that you and your families were
able to rest from the past year and experience the fullness of joy that God

This past week our community groups re-launched.  We are so excited to see what God has planned for this next season of life together as we trust the Holy Spirit to unite as a family on mission making disciples.  We want to encourage you to get plugged into a community group around you; our groups spread from Blanchard, South Shreveport, Broadmoor, South Bossier, North Bossier, and Benton.

When we try and live the Christian life alone, instead of in community, we tend to stray as wayward sheep from the care of the shepherd. God uses a gospel-centered community to remind us of the gospel truth that we don’t get our identity from our own activities.

We believe our identity comes from what God has done through His three persons:

We are FAMILY because God the father has adopted us.

We are SERVANTS because Jesus is our servant king, who came to serve His Father’s lost children.

We are MISSIONARIES because the Holy Spirit has been sent to empower us for His mission in this world.

Please be praying for the Gospel to spread throughout our city.  If you’re wondering what you can do to help see that happen,  we invite you to take that next step into community, and let God begin to work through you as a part of His family.





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